Statement of the interim members of the Trans*Coalition Board

Версія заяви українською мовою, версия заявления на русском языке

We, the interim members of the Trans*Coalition Board, strongly condemn Russia’s violent military invasion of Ukraine. These days, we share the sadness, fury, and outrage of our fellow activists. We extend our deepest condolences to the people of Ukraine and send our warmest wishes. We demand that Russia, led by its president, stop the military actions that have killed civilians, destroyed their homes, and displaced millions of people and that it completely withdraw its troops from Ukraine, including the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea.

The events taking place have prompted us to make the long-overdue decision to stop referring to the Trans* Coalition as post-Soviet. The idea for Trans* Coalition originated in 2013 at a Trans*camp held in the Ukrainian Carpathians by a group of dedicated trans people from Ukraine as well as the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe (CCAEE). We call on the trans community from the countries of the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe to unite. Over the years, activists in Ukraine have fostered cohesion and built the trans movement in our region. Today we need to channel these long-standing connections to support our fellow war-affected people.

Responsibility for the content and publication of this statement lies solely with the members of the Trans*Coalition Provisional Board.

Sanjar, Alexander, Inna